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My work has been, and will continue to be, published in industry leading professional and academic journals and edited volumes in the fields of education, educational technology, literacy, multicultural education,  disability studies, and educational psychology. 

A List Already Published Writing and Other Writing in the Pipeline

I have published research results and position papers in top industry and academic journals such as Educational Technology Research & Development, Bank Street College of Education's Occasional Paper Series, and Educational Psychology Review. My work has also appeared in edited volumes published by top publishing companies such as Teacher's College Press and Taylor & Francis.


  • Axelrod, D. & Kahn, J. (2023) “Then You Go to Snap”:  Multimodal Making of Digital Comics in a Language Arts High School Classroom. Educational technology research and development. DOI: 10.1007/s11423-023-10285-2


  • Axelrod, D. & Kahn, J. (2023).  Families’ discursive practices in data discussions about migration histories. Discourse Processes. DOI: 10.1080/0163853X.2023.2225981


  • Kahn, J., Axelrod, D., Radojcic, S., & Deroo, M. (2022) Stories from Islita Libre: Digital spatial storytelling as an expression of transnational and immigrant identities. Occasional Paper Series, (48).


  • de Oliveira, L. C., Smith, S.L., Axelrod, D., Díaz, E., & Vicentini, C. (2021). Supporting Academic Language Development for Multilingual Learners Across Content Areas Through the Identification of Textual Features. Journal of Narrative and Language Studies, 9(17), 227–242


  • Kim, N. J., Belland, B., Lefler, M., Andreasen, L., Walker, A., & Axelrod, D. (2020). Computer-based scaffolding targeting individual versus groups in problem-centered instruction for STEM education: Meta-analysis. Educational Psychology Review, 32 (2), 415-461.


  • Axelrod, D. & Kahn, J. (2019). Intergenerational family storytelling and modeling with large-scale data sets. Fails, J (Ed). Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Interaction Design and Children. (pp.352-360). New York, NY. Association for Computing Machinery.


  • Smith, B. E. & Axelrod, D. (2019). Scaffolding multimodal composing in the multilingual classroom. In L.C. de Oliveira & B. E. Smith (Eds.), Expanding literacy practices across multiple modes and languages for multilingual students (pp. 83-96). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


  • Kim, N., Belland, B. R., & Axelrod, D. (2018). Scaffolding for optimal challenge in K–12 problem-based learning. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 13(1). 

Publications in Press/Accepted


  • Axelrod, D. Kahn, J. & Deroo, M. (abstract accepted). Digital Spatial Literacies: Empowering Transnational Students to Tell Stories Across School and Community Spaces. In Castek, J., Forzani, E., Schira Hagerman, M., Kiili, C., Sparks, R (Eds.), International Handbook of Research in Digital Literacies. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Schmarder, K., Axelrod, D., Agarwal, R., Laird, A., Musser, E. (abstract accepted). Student-Parent Relationship Development in a Post-Secondary Education Program for Students with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. In M. Williams-Johnson & N. Rickert (Eds.), Critical Analysis of Parental Involvement in School: Working with Families Across Sociocultural Context.


  • Deroo, M., Kahn, J., & Axelrod, D. (accepted) Centering Immigrant Youths’ Linguistic and Cultural Frames of Reference to Develop Social-Spatial Understandings in Digital Storytelling about Their Communities. In A. Jaffee & C. Salinas (Eds.), Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Relevant Social Studies with and for Emergent Bilingual and Multilingual Youth: Examining the Past, Present, and Future. Teachers College Press


  • de Oliveira, L. C., Axelrod, D., Díaz, E., Smith, S. L., & Vicentini, C. (in press). Virtual collaborations to disseminate and publish research results. In C. Coombe & L. Hiasat (Eds.), Getting English language teachers research ready. Springer

Publications in Under Review/in Revision/in Preparation

  • Dehart, J., Deroo, M., & Axelrod, D. (under review) Expressions and Representation of Languaging in Contemporary Comics. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies.


  • Kahn, J. & Axelrod, D. (under review) Scope and criticality in telling family migration stories with data. Mind, Culture, and Activity.

  • Powers, J., Axelrod, D., Brown, S., Musgrove, A., Bogle, R., Brown, D. (under review). Bringing STEM to the Table: A Taste of Informal STEM Learning in a Community-Based Literacy Festival. Journal of Literacy and Technology.


  • Axelrod, D. & Kahn, J. (in preparation). Layered Realities: bi/multilingual adolescents’ augmented reality composing practices with iPad enabled transmediation of poetry into digital comics. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

  • Deroo, M., Kahn, J., Axelrod, D., Radojcic, S. (in preparation). Examining Transnational and Raciolinguistic Urban Student Identity Stories from a Hyperlocal Perspective. Urban Education.

And More Coming Soon!

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